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Nozzle heating band and
cylinder heating band


Nozzle heating band

nozzle heating bands
dense plastic design in

Brass              - the brass model for high quality standards
Stainless steel  - the stainless steel model with higher performance
Ceramic          - the stainless steel model with ceramic insulation

We have a wide range of nozzle heating bands for all possile uses. Lead outlets and cable lengths can be provided according to each customer's requirements.
The standard delivery contains 300 mm of metal netting, outlet of 45.

Cylinder heating band

The standard model can be delivered with and without heat shield cladding (max. power 3,5 watt / cm²).
The high performance band is suitable for high temperatures and powers. (max. power 7 watt / cm²)

Heating bands for Arburg / Battenfeld / Demag are available from stock.