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Funnel magnets


Funnel magnet EN 101 - cone shaped funnel

The funnel magnet offers constant security against iron impurities in the plastic granulate. The magnet core is protected from mechanical damage by a chrome-plated brass casing. Due to the powerful magnetic field even very small iron particles are filtered out of the granulate.

The 10 round magnets are arranged in a circle with equal spaces between them. The cone-shaped plastic top causes the granulate to be drawn past the magnets, meaning that they can be used to their full effekt.

The three moveable, adjustable supports serve to adapt the size of the funnel to a diameter of between 205mm and 310mm.

Funnel magnet NST
Funnel magnets are required to separte ferrous impurities from plastic granulate. The two-layer design ensures the best possible results during separation and prevents screw damage and faults in the hotrunner system. The bevelled edges mean that the magnet can simply be placed in the funnel. Stainless steel tubes protect the magnet against damage.

- excellent process reliability
- strong magnetic field
- high heat resistance
- easy to clean


Dimensions                                   200 mm
                                                    height 77 mm
                                                    cone 60
Number of rods (row 1 / row 2)     4 / 3 with 22 mm stainless steel coated
Weight                                         3 kg

Dimensions                                   235 mm
                                                    height 77 mm
                                                    cone 60
Number of rods (row 1 / row 2)     5 / 4 with 22 mm stainless steel coated
Weight                                         5 kg