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Spring cap nozzles

Mixer nozzles

Filter nozzles

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Nozzle tip EN 33

Spring cap nozzle EN 40

Mixer nozzle

Sieve nozzle EN 35

static plasic disosable mixer

heated nozzle EN 38

Spring cap nozzle EN 37

technical data

Disc filter nozzle EN 45

insulating pad

heated nozzle EN 49

Spring cap nozzle EN 47

static mixer elements

Rhomboid filter nozzle EN 130

single-runner temperature controller

heated nozzle EN 81 with sieve insert

Spring cap nozzle EN 42 with sieve insert

Mixer filter

Slice filter nozzle EN 55

Funnel magnet

heated nozzle EN 82 with mixerrod

pneumatic needle valve nozzle

Mixer grating protection


Thread protection LS 100

heated nozzle EN 48

Spring cap nozzle EN 41

Nozzle tip with mixer rod


LS 200 - The universal paste

Decompression nozzle EN 36


Steel brush

heated nozzle EN 83 with mixer rod


heated nozzle EN 84 with decompression function




Reverse current cut-off




Heating technology


Spraying units


Heat insulation plates

Reverse current cut-off


Nozzle / cylinder heating band


EN 2000

Mixer reverse current cut-off

heated adapter EN 80

Frame / panel heater


EN 4000

Silicon reverse current cut- off

Open nozzle

Pipe heater

Regeneration of reverse current cut-offs

EN 2500

Spherical Reverse current cut-off   Cylinder head   Heating cartridge   Regeneration of screw  

EN 3000

Reverse current cut-off plated       Screw-in heater   Regeneration of cylinder  

EN 3100

Reverse current cut-offs wrench       Thermocouple      

EN 3200

Coiled tube cartridge

EN 3500


EN 3600


EN 3700

                EN 3800


      EN 3900