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Heated nozzle EN 49
with interchangeable nozzle tip


The EN 49 heated machine nozzle is designed for use in deeper gate system casing in tools. The nozzle tips are interchageable so that heated nozzle EN 49 can be used in the gate system casing with as many different tools of varying radii as possible. The nozzle tips can be ordered as individual components to suit your specifications (nozzle radius, nozzle hole).

A coiled tube cartridge with an integrated thermocouple and a power of 650 watts/230 volts provides a constant melting temperature. The coiled tube cartridge is not firmly cast and can therefore be replaced quickly. In additon, the cable outlet can also be positioned next to any of the EN 49 heated nozzles.

A casing with a diameter of 35.5 mm sealed onto the nozzle tip protects the coiled tube cartridge from over-spraying and other mechanical effetcs. The maximum immersion depth into the tool ist 85 mm.

We produce the connection thread of the EN 49 heated nozzle for all brands and models of machine, and can also produce them to meet your requirements.