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Heated nozzle EN 38


The heated nozzle has been specially designed for use in small tool spaces. The extremely small external diameter provides optimum heat distribution right to the tip of the nozzle. The heated nozzle has an integrated coiled tube cartridge with a thermocouple (230 volts / 420 watts). The connection to the coiled tube cartridge can be positioned individually at each point.

We can also provide the corresponding regulation device an request.

Additional heating / heat sensors are not required in the immersion area.

All parts of the robust construstion are exchangeable parts and can be supplied as individual components.

The heated nozzle extends the use of your injeciton moulding machine (it is also suitable for older machines), and can alternatively be supplied with an outer diameter of 20 mm or 25 mm.

The heated machine nozzle can be produced to your specifications (nozzle radius, nozzle hole, screw in thread) for all kinds of machines.