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Heat insulation plae
for tools


EN 3600

The pressure resistant calcium silicate insulation plate EN 3600 was developed specially for the compression construstion of machine parts subject to high stress. The high temperature resistance of 600C and the good mechanical qualities and relatively low density open multifarious possible uses.

For example:
Pressure resistant insulation plates for compression, pressure moulding machines and vulcanisation equipment.
Insulation parts in apparatus and equipment construction for laboratory and power plant engineering, as well as the chemical industry.

Technical data   EN 3600
pressure resistance   N/mm² 20
at 500C N/mm² 18
temperature resistance long-term C 600
short-term C 850
heat co-efficient at 250C W/mK 0,19
heat shrinkage 4 hrs at 540C % 0,3
resistance to bending   N/mm² 10
tensile strength   N/mm² 3,3
density   kg/cm3 960
humidity   % 3
brinell hardness   HB 45
Impact resistance   Nm 0,2576
standard -dimensions
plane parallelism 0,1 mm for 1 m length

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