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Heat insulation plate for tools asbestos-free


EN 3500

EN 3500 is an incombustible asbestos-free, pressure and eletric arc resitant fibre silicate insulation plate. The performance of EN 3500 in the heating area, combined with structural strength, permits considerable energy saving and economic construction methods. EN 3500 is currently used in may areas where asbestos cement was previously used.

for example:
All types of parts to be produced for thermal insulation
Pressure resistant insulation for compression
Storage and transport units for glass and ceramics industry
Insulating parts in purpose-built equipment and apparatus construction etc.

Technical data   EN 3500
pressure resistance   N/mm² 100
at 200C N/mm² 80
temperature resistance long-term C 500
short-term C 700
heat co-efficient   W/mK 0,34
density   g/cm3 1,6
moisture absorption   % 15
resistance to bending   N/mm² 32
resistance to electric arc DIN 53484 level L 6
standard -dimensions
plane parallelism 0,1 mm for 1 m length

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