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Heat insulation plate for tools asbestos free


EN 2500

The heat insulation plate EN 2500 is constructed from a modified epoxy resin system and several fine glass mats. As a result of this construction EN 2500 is highly resistant to pressure and temperature, and is a good insulator.

EN 2500 is especially usefull in machines with high pressure levels.

Technical data   EN 2500
pressure resistance   N/mm² 600
at 200C N/mm² 300
temperature resistance long-term C 250
short-term C 300
heat co-efficient   W/mK 0,2
density   g/cm3 1,85
moisture absorption   % 0,2
splitting power DIN 53463 N 4000
leakage current resistance DIN 53480 V 150
standard -dimensions
plane parallelism 0,1 mm for 1 m length

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