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temperature controllers


The single-runner temperature controller is ideal for use with

- our heated nozzles EN 38, EN 48 and EN 49
  heated nozzles EN 81 with sieve insert ans heated nozzles EN 82 with mixer rod
- heated adaptor EN 80
- Heat sensors
- Hot runner applications

The single-runner temperature controller and process control unit combine simple handling and precise operation for temperature control when processing plastics.

Technical data:

NSR 101 regulating device
Digital controller with one control station
with 4-digit actual and target value display
Voltage 230 V AC
Output max. 2.0 kW
Fuse FF 10 A
Cable 3 m with earth contact plug
Sensor FeCuNi (J)
Heating element connected an sensor via
5 PIN / ILME / harting plug Dimensions W x H x D approx. 205 x 85 x 190 mm

Alternatively, there is also a version with a power of 3.2 kW.