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LS 100 - The super paste


LS 100 is temperature resistant from -180C bis +1200C and is an excellent heat conductor. LS 100 can even be used with extreme pressure loads (230 N/mm²). In addition to being abrasion-proof and wellbonded, it is resistant to most acids, alkalis, and salt water.

LS 100 is a corrosion preservative and high-grade lubricant for static parts subject to high stress and slowly rotating equipment.

This dual function effectively prevents
       - Galling
       - Frictional corrosion
       - Adhesion
       - Erosion
       - Welding
       - Stick-slip phenomenon
       - Oxidation

in screws, bolts, springs, eyebolts etc. in the plastics industry

Clean and degrease the surface: Apply LS 100 evenly