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Sieve nozzle EN 35


The sieve nozzle is designed for all thermoplastics to be processed, especially in the use of regenerated and impure plastics, and is intended to provide a trouble-free, economic production of injection moulding parts.

Foreign bodies of any kind, be they metallic or non-metallic, and granulate particles which have not melted with a particle size down to 0.7 mm ( on request 0.9 mm) are caught in the sieve insert.

Time-consuming cleaning work due to blockages in the nozzle outlet hole will no longer be necessary. This means that high amounts of downtime and related costs are dispensed with. The sieve insert can be removed from the sieve nozzle and cleaned very easily.

The nozzle casing, nozzle radius and nozzle hole can be adjusted to your machine according to your specifications.