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Regeneration of cylinder

disconnected cylinders


Worn cylinders can often be regenerated. The entire length of the cylinder is disconnected.
This has various advantages:

-  Swapping the cylinders is cheaper than buying a new cylinder
   (The cylinder connector bracket will continue to be used

-  After installing the exchanged cylinder you will always have the original
   measurements of a new cylinder

-  The quality (durability) of a simple cylinder (nitrate cylinder) can be significantly
   increased by using high-grade materials such as fully hardened steel
   (up to approx. 15 % glass filler), bi-metals (up to approx. 25 % glass filler,
   or even powder metal (extremely resistant to wear and corrosion for more than 30 % glass filler).

-  For later regenerations, only the new exchange connestors
   must be drawn in (cheaper).

Regenerating cylinders using honing is an alternative to disconnecting them. Since the cylinder diameter is only increased in width, this is a cost-effective solution.

However, the follwoing must be observed:

The standard reverse current cut-off no longer fits the altered with measurement. Inhibiting rings of the correct width measurement must be used for the reverse current cut-off, so that material padding can be built up.