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Mixer reverse current cut-off


When carring out automatic dyeing of thermoplastics with a normal threee-zone screw, the homogeneity of a compound dyeing process can offen mot be achieved. As a result there are often flecks or stripes of colour or clouding on the injection mould part.

The mixer reverse current cut-off remedies this homogenisation problem.

The mixer revers current cut-off is used instead of a standrad reverse current cut-off from a screw diameter of 25 mm without additional alterations to the placing unit and is available for all brands of injection moulding machines.

The mixer reverse current cut-off can be used for all thermoplastics (ABS, PS, PP, PE etc.); good results are also achieved with shear sensitive plastics such as POM or PBT, as well as transparent materials such as PC and SAN.

Our dynamic mixer reverse current cut-off works with a breaker plate system and therefore achieves the best mixing and homogenisation qualities, even at a low dynamic pressure.

When using our miver revers current cut-off for automatic dyeing, you benefit from the following advantages:

   - Excellent thermal homogeneity of the melt
   - No injection pressure loss
   - Use possible in restricted spaces
   - Simple installtion

The mixer reverse current cut-off comes in a wear-resistant design and is therefore also suitable for aggressive metals.