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Mixer nozzle
with integrated
static mixer elements


The mixer nozzle contains 8 static mixer elements (SME). The outer and front areas of the high-strength, rustproof mixer are produced mechanically. The mixer elements are placed into the mixer nozzle, where pins ensure the correct assembly. The cores do not have any free ends which could break off. The size of the nozzles / mixer elements is dependent on the injection current volume and the viscosity of the polymer melt.

The mixer nozzle provides a homogenous polymer melt, which facilitates a constant injection process. This is the precondition for trouble-free production. The mixer elements can be used for all thermoplastics (except PVC, depending on the compsiton).

Excellent thermal homogeneity of the melt

Improved quality when using regenerated materials

Equal colour distribution when using direct dyeing

Dye use reduced by up to 30 %

Less colour flecks, stripes and clouding

Lower reject rate / instances of delay

Shorter cycle times

Improved melt flow characteristics

Narrower tolerances due to improved dimensional accuracy

The wear-resistant mixer nozzle is produced to your requirements (nozzle radius, nozzle hole diameter, connection thread and screw diameter will be needed) for each injection moulding machine, and supplied ready for installation complete with mixer elements (8 pieces, heating band and sensor).

The cross section shows the increase in the accumulated layers during the mixing of two epoxy resins in the mixer