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LS 200 - The universal paste
The all-rounder - right down to the food sector


The universal paste LS 200 is metal-free, material-neutral, resistant to high temperaturesa dsn has NSF approval.

The exceptionally good lubrication-separation and protection effect even allows an application for highly stressed parts. 

- temperature resistant from          - 40° C to + 1400° C
- pressure load                                 230 N/mm˛
- thermal conductivity                       0.7 W/m*K
- NLGI vlass                                      0 - 1
- color                                                white 

- prevents fretting corrosion
- adherent and abrasion resistant
- resisitant to hot and cold water
- effectively prevents stick-slip effects

The universal paste LS 200 protects against eletrolytic reactions (cold welding) in contrast to metal-containing pastes. The use of the paste LS 200 is well suited if no nickel- or metal-contatining prodcts are to be used.

The universal paste LS 200 has a health certificate for direct use in the food sector according to the USDA H1.

- clean and degrease surfaces
- apply universal paste LS 200 evenly