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heated nozzle EN 84 with decompression function



The heated machine nozzle EN 84 with decompression function ist specifically designed for use in deeper gate applications. It comes in a range of extremely small outer diameters - 20 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm. The maximum immersion depth to the tool is 75 mm. The heated nozzle EN 84 with decompression function has an integrated coiled tube cartridge with a thermocouple, which is protected by casing. The connection to the coiled tube cartrtidge can be positioned individually at each point.

The integrated decompression function (retraction function) prevents dripping from thermoplastics after the spraying processes are complete. This means the workplace remains clean and the decompression nozzle prevents the loss of material.

At the start of the spraying process, the screw is driven up and the nozzle opens so that the material can escape. After the end of the process, the screw is drawn back and the nozzle therefore closes again.

For the decompression function to operate, the screw must be withdrawn.

We can manufacture the heated nozzle EN 84 with decompression function with nozzle radii, bore radii and connection threads to meet your requirements, for all brands and machine types.